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green building is an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimize the total environmental impacts. Experience shows how energy efficiency can be enhanced by smart uses of the many varieties of insulations, sealants, stabilization foams, window glazing, frame cladding and much more.
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Tough House has practical experience since 2007 in making buildings greener by providing the best and durable insulations, solar energy solutions, waste oil and other renewable energy solutions to not only reduce the carbon foot print but to make living comfortable and less dependent on costly conventional sources of energy.
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Our solutions start with building design which our qualified architects carefully make keeping all green technologies in mind and clients requests. We construct a strong and water tight structure relying maximum on natural lighting and ventilation where ever possible. We then heavily insulate the structure’s walls and ceiling with environment friendly insulations. From basements till the rooftops, we tailor make your dreams with innovative ideas and materials specially selected for a comfortable and trouble free living.[/dt_sc_toggle_framed]