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Tough House concrete specialists provide unique solutions to unique problems.
Non Magnetic Non Corrosive concrete strengthening:
Grid stations, MRI rooms and other special occasions call for non metallic rebar structural strengthening. We provide non metallic strengthening solutions five times stronger than steel rebar and totally corrosion free. These non metallic rebars made by our European partners are qualified products and in use world over. Sea side sites are especially susceptible to corrosion, our products are resistant to that and excellent candidates for break water and other coastal structures. We also make concrete light enough to float for fish ponds and lakes etc.
Some of the advantages of using our special non steel reinforcements ;

  1. Zero corrosion
  2. ΒΌ the weight of steel
  3. Non conductive / non magnetic
  4. Up to 40% lower carbon footprint
  5. No loss of strength against conventional steel reinforcement
  6. Substantial saving in weight = economies in fabrication

Please contact us for your needs.
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Helix Steel was originally made for US military to provide blast resistant structure capability. Over the years it has evolved into a very effective and onsite capable material for making such structures. Helix made concrete can be made into different levels of blast resistance depending upon the user requirement. The blast resistant structures can be made by precast easily transportable or by pouring concrete onsite with Helix for stationary structures. We offer free consultancy to your project.
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Helix Steel is specially suited for runways and large slabs. It imparts upto 400 times more strength, is extremely quick to make as compared to conventional rebar mesh system and reduces slab thickness thus imparting cost savings in materials and labor while providing better strength , resistance to micro-cracking , blast resistance and durability. Together with our water and corrosion resistance admixtures we provide rapid laying , water resistant , durable and strong slab structures.